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Services for Contractors

Below are just some of the services we offer to contractors. We are also open to working with your company to develop any custom services you may need.

Web Design & Development

Learn more about why we offer web design and development services and what it can do for your contracting company by clicking here.

New Websites

Need a website for your contracting business? We provide you with a domain name and a custom WordPress website built to your liking. Our websites are a good starting point for any contracting company that wants to start getting noticed online.

Website Redesign

Already have a website but it needs a facelift? Our company is happy to offer redesign services as well. While we are updating the design, we can make some suggestions for getting noticed and take care of anything that may cause issues.

Content Creation

In addition to design services, we also offer content creation. Ideally, each service that you offer as well as each city that you service should have it’s own page on your website with unique content.

Professional Hosting

After website creation or redesign, we can host your website on our VPS server provided by GoDaddy. This server allows for the fast website loading that makes Google happy. We also provide backups, security, and updates.

Online Tools

We offer a wide variety of online tools to help you run your contracting company. Find the best ones for your business here.

Email Services

Google Workspace email setup. Get your very own email address. We will setup a Google Workspace account to get you started. Monthly pricing depends on Google’s TOS.

Business Profile Creation /
Local Listings

Google likes to see your business mentioned along with your address, phone number, and URL. The more it’s out there on reputable sites, the more traction you are likely to gain on Google’s search results.

Content Marketing

Fresh content is king. Topics vary from questions your customers make ask about your services to local events in the area. These blog posts will help keep your website updated, add more hits to your keywords, and show you are local.

Social Media Posting

Want to keep up with the cool kids? We offer Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posting. From new reviews and services to random holidays of the year, we will help keep your social profiles up to date.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer feedback is crucial to grow your company internally as well as publicly. See the tools we offer for customer satisfaction here.

Review Generator

When doing a search for your own projects, would you rather choose a company that has no reviews or one that has been rated positively many times? Our program helps you to reach out to your customers for feedback and only posts the positive reviews online so you can handle the negative feedback privately.

Review Responses

A lot of customers look at the responses businesses leave on customers’ reviews, whether they are positive or negative. We know you don’t have time to keep track of all the reviews that come in which is why we offer this as a service.