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Our Costs & Pricing Platform

We know whether you are just starting out or have been in business a long time, budgeting can be rough. However, we also know how important it is to have an up to date and active website and web presence.

We charge a flat rate for website setup and design. This will include helping secure a domain name, if needed, and getting the domain name pointed to our servers so we can host the website. We build all of our websites with WordPress as it is an easy to use content management system. This basic website setup includes four pages: Home, About, Service List, and Contact Us. It will give you a good starting point for building up a grander website. For this we charge a one time fee of $500 and a monthly fee of $19.95 for professional hosting.

Our professional hosting not only consists of hosting your website but also taking care of any updates that may be needed for WordPress or the plugins we install. We also do monthly backups on the site should anything go wrong. After the website has been built, we also install security plugins and monitor the site for any attacks or malware.

You can build on top of that website by building out service pages and cities serviced pages. This will help people searching for your services online find your website. We like to start out with the services you want to push the most first and as well as the cities you visit the most. The cost of these pages vary on how much work needs to be done. If you send us your service area, we can take a look at your competition and see what the area looks like. These pages start at $150 depending on the competition.